Wabi Sabi & Japandi ~ SUSHI ANYONE?

    If I asked my husband how he felt about Wabi Sabi or Japandi his mostly likely response would be “You know I’m not a big sushi fan.  Is it on the Happy Hour menu?”  Meaning if it’s under $5.00 he’ll try it.  And if I responded “They’re not food, they’re Design Trends!”  He would likely say “Why are you even having this conversation with me?”


    It’s no surprise that nature themes and elements keep showing up in all varieties of design.  Light and white spaces are taking over and there is a huge design demand for outdoor living areas.  Greenery, foliage motifs, rattan and wood furniture are especially popular if you want to bring the outdoors in.  One trend buyers are attracted to that incorporates all of these elements is Japandi, a mixture of Japanese influence with the simplicity of Scandinavian style.

    Let’s go back to Wabi Sabi.   A traditional Japanese aesthetic, Wabi Sabi embraces beauty in imperfection, a connection to earth and simplicity in lifestyle – sound familiar?  Think living your best Zen existence, immersed in nature without any permanent attachment.  Sound like a stoner ex?  

    Now Japandi is born out of this aesthetic.  Think rustic Japanese.  The idea of both is to eschew extravagance.  It’s simplicity in its simplest form.  What makes Japandi unique is it works so well with Scandinavian design which was hugely popular in the mid twentieth century.  Nowadays we tend to think of IKEA, which is true of its straightforward style.  However, the biggest Scandinavian principles are actually form, function and craftsmanship, while sourcing local, raw materials to create quality, timeless pieces. 

    There’s a hard lean toward monochromatic, light wood schemes where as Japanese style infuses moodier tones and bolder forms.  It’s a marriage in minimalism really.  Both embrace clean, understated design, a neutral color palette, and using available resources.  Bare walls are also common or choosing statement pieces that reflect the above concepts. 

    Another common denominator of both styles is their complete immersion in nature.  Picture large,  2 story windows that make you feel at one with your environment.  

    Japandi is an ideal fusion of two complimentary intentions.   As always it's open to interpretation.  If you search Japandi on Pinterest you’ll see a lot of images that favor the Scandinavian flavor.  However, a broader look at the internet reveals a wider range of visions.  Here are a few of mine, available in our Shop.  You can source any or all of these pieces knowing you're getting the lowest prices on the internet!  (IMAP) Click here:     https://app.onsidedoor.com/s/1571/collections/8593-japandi
















    Las Vegas ideally lends itself to the indoor/outdoor lifestyle.  In luxury communities like The Ridges and Ascaya glass windows literally retract into the walls creating zero separation between the inside and the great desert landscape!  The home's interior decor seamlessly integrates with the exterior as well.

    Does this look speak to you?   Are you interested in trying more nature inspired design in your home?  Don’t be shy if you’re not sure exactly what  your Style is.  We’ll explore it together and I can help you refine/define it. It’s alright to mix complimentary styles – after all that’s exactly how Japandi was born!  It’s also ok to mix metals and other key components as long as they sync together.  That’s where a professional Designer comes in!   We don't judge.  We make suggestions.  Whether or not you implement them is up to you.

    Staging to Sell?  Styling to Stay?  Contact me today ~ 702-882-4518


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