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  • What Are Summer Market’s Hot Trends For 2022? And How To Implement Them!

    Last week was Summer Market at Las Vegas Design Center, considered by many to be in the top 5 of National Interior Design Expos. I attended with my girl friend Carisa whose family has a long history in the furniture business. (You might recall her kitchen reno we did last Spring. We came, we saw, we shopped, we ate, we drank and then caught a ride home! Here are some of our take-aways on the hottest trends at Summer Market: Top…

  • WELCOME SPRING ~ Wabi Sabi & Japandi ~ SUSHI ANYONE?

    A NEW DECADE MEANS NEW STYLES and TRENDS!! What’s HOT and Why NOT!? If I asked my husband how he felt about Wabi Sabi or Japandi his mostly likely response would be “You know I’m not a big sushi fan. Is it on the Happy Hour menu?” Meaning if it’s under $5.00 he’ll try it. And if I responded “They’re not food, they’re Design Trends!” He would likely say “Why are you even having this conversation with me?” Sigh…. It’s no surprise that nature themes and elements keep showing up in all varietie…

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