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What is Staging and how does it set you apart from your competition?  Successful Staging is the art of combining Expert Marketing and Design to create a lasting impression on your Buyers or Clients!

Why Stage in a hot market when homes are flying off the shelves??  Answer:                                                  SO YOU DON'T LEAVE MONEY ON THE TABLE!! (No pun intended)  Also, the more a buyer is emotionally connected to a house and visualizing it as their dream home, the less likely it is to fall out of escrow.             

A Professional Stager, such as myself, creates an environment that emotionally connects a Buyer to your Space when they see it online -- then fall in love the minute they walk in the door!  95% of Buyers SHOP ON LINE FIRST!!  This really emphasizes:  "You only have ONE chance to CREATE A FIRST IMPRESSION!!"  

Then why not Virtually Stage it?  Answer:                                                                                                            Would you like going on an internet date only to show up and find out the person looks nothing like their picture?  There's a huge disappointment factor when buyers walk in.                

As a Seller, it is very hard to view your surroundings objectively.  Stagers, like Real Estate Agents, can view your Space through Buyers eyes, offering you a fresh perspective.  And sometimes it's more than just furniture arrangement.  Updating cabinets, counter tops and lighting might be necessary yet daunting tasks.  I can help with that!  A little paint goes a long way and changing out-dated fixtures and hardware can give you a lot of 'bang for your buck'.  Great Staging can also help people over look short comings or design flaws by having them focus on the WOW Factors! 

Staging is so much more than tossing a blanket and pillows on a piece of furniture, or putting a centerpiece on a table.  Anyone can do that!   As an H.S.R. Certified Home Stager, Designer and Feng Shui practitioner, I can offer you more than just arranging furniture.   Think of Staging as an investment rather than an expense.  It not only pays for itself, it often yields a big return on investment!  Almost half (44%) of Seller’s Agents believe that Staging increased the value of the home 6-20%. NICE!  It is a great way to stand out from your competition.



Quite the opposite of Staging for mass appeal, Styling and Design, are all about YOU!!  Why wait to have the Space you have always dreamed of?  Your time is now! 

What do you want to create that would make you smile every day?  Where do you want to come home to?  How would you like to impress your guests?

As long as you have realistic expectations regarding time lines and the costs of hiring a professional designer,  I can help you create a design plan and engineer a budget that works for you.  I am an expert in the High/Low game – knowing where to spend, how to save, and the best way to maximize the WOW factor!  Even if you are a DIY Diva, let me offer you some suggestions or ideas you may not have thought of. 

I specialize in thinking ‘Outside the Box’.  Let me take you from the ordinary to the extraordinary and be the talk of the town!

Specializing in all types of Staging; Kitchen & Bath Styling; Rehab & Remodeling Ideas

Is your home your sanctuary - where you rest, play, entertain, and probably even work some?  Does it reflect the people and things you love?  OR are you ready to move onto a new place and leave behind a great space for others to fall in love with?  ALLOW ME TO ASSIST!! 

Staging and Styling are 2 areas I love and have much experience and expertise in.  I am an Interior Design graduate of  the New York Institute of Art & Design (N.Y.I.A.D.), and a H.S.R. Certified Home Stager! (Home Staging Resource).  Additionally  I hold Certifications in Feng Shui, Interior Design & Styling, and Event Design.  I have an Award of Merit for Outstanding Excellence in Presentation from N.Y.I.A.D. 

I am also a natural Empath.  This allows me to visualize things that others just don’t see. My imagination like my background knows no boundaries!  Real Estate and Entertainment  are just some of the many areas I have worked in.  I am an accomplished Astrologer, having  studied and served on the Board of Directors for the Astrological Society of Princeton.  Being a little 'different' from everyone else I usually do things a little differently than everyone else, letting my intuition guide my Design.  (www.KerryF.com)

Let me help you or your clients navigate some tough decisions!  With my Experience in Design and Remodeling, combined with my Expertise in Staging, I can help you create the perfect environment that fits within your budget and addresses your current needs.  Are you Staging to Sell?  Or Styling to Stay?  Call me today!

Are you Staging to Sell? OR Styling to Stay?  Call Me Today!   702-882-4518

We Stage Spaces and Design Dreams


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