The 5 Steps to Dream Design from Consult to Concept to Completion

    So what does it mean to engage the services of an Interior Designer?  And what exactly is the process when you decide you’re worth it? There are probably more answers than questions.  First you have to determine the project itself.  Are you looking to do major or minor renovations that will change physical aspects of your home or property?  Or are you looking for someone to help you decorate and curate a look that speaks to you?  Quite possibly you’re looking for both or maybe one of 500 other scenarios.  Decidedly you are ready to reach for that dream! 

    Whether you’re searching for inspiration, overwhelmed with ideas or need to fill a hole in your soul, there is a process we follow here at Kerry F. Décor.

    1) Your Complimentary Discovery Call

    Do not hesitate to pick up the phone!  We can accomplish a lot in 20 minutes of direct conversation.  A few questions on either end will let us know if we might want to work together.  If we’re both enthusiastic about a potential project, and feel like we share the same vibe, we’ll schedule a meeting at your place. All parties involved need to be there.


    2) The Consultation

    Different Designers have different approaches to this.  We charge for our time and give you up to 2 hours of our undivided attention.  It’s during this process we answer your questions regarding color, style, design, space planning and whatever other rabbit holes we have time to explore. We go over our different fee structures and ways to work with us, making sure you have realistic expectations regarding your budget versus your wish list. Most importantly there is no judgment and we’ll inspire you with some great design ideas!!  For more info, check out our blog on the POWER OF THE CONSULTATION.  We always start here!


    3) The Design Concept and Contract

    When we decide it’s a ‘go’ and were excited to move forward together, we start with what’s called a Scope of Work.  This is where we drill down and dial into the who, what, where, when and whys of the project so there are no misconceptions regarding our respective roles.  It becomes an addendum to our standard contract.  It is personalized to you and describes the details of your Design.  While it is a very legal binding document changes can always be made.  The creative process usually takes on a vision of its own.  This is the framework in which it evolves.  To honor your commitment we require a 50% deposit of our agreed on fee.  Then let the games begin.

    4) Creation and Implementation

    This is the longest and sometimes most challenging part of the entire process.  If any structural changes are being made the right contractors and trades people are needed to complete their respective installations. (e.g. electricians, carpenters, painters, contractors etc.)  Meanwhile my team and I will be out sourcing the necessary materials like flooring, counter tops, fixtures and finishes.  Next comes shopping for furniture and accessories.  Sometimes we will separate the different processes into two separate contracts.  It all depends.  We always secure your approvals and payments before any final decisions are made.  And you are welcome to be a part of the process!  If it is a big remodeling project you may decide to live off property or take an extended vacation.



    5) Completion!

    When all the deliverables are in place, we like to Stage the re-design.  This is where we get to let our talent shine and you get your money’s worth!  We will use your new acquisitions and any past items we agreed still work well within the new design.  We also sprinkle in some of our own accessories and usually wind up selling them to an excited homeowner.  Ideally we would surprise you with a reveal day, showcasing how we work our magic to make your house look like a model home!  Of course we’re happy to make any changes within reason.  Your lifestyle and how you use your space is our biggest consideration.


    We also take our photographs and videos at this point and will work to get them published!

    To follow us through an actual project from steps 1thru 5, please visit our blog LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE WITH THE COURTNEYS.

    And if you have any hesitations about handling all this on your own please read our blog 3 KEY REASONS TO HIRE A PROFESSIONAL DESIGNER!  You will be glad you spent the money on our expert guidance.  Here is the value of bringing a professional Designer onboard:

    • A beautifully curated home, stylized just for you, definitely increases your equity.  It should fetch you more and bigger offers when it’s time to sell as well. (Should you maintain the condition).
    • You save money and time by NOT making costly DIY mistakes.
    • You save peace of mind and personal relationships by letting the pros handle everything including challenges.
    • You have access To-The-Trade only products at the best prices.
    • You have a beautiful home like no-one else and you are the envy of all your neighbors!  We welcome referrals ;)
    • You wake up every day in a place you love and are grateful to call home!

    Are you’re ready to talk about elevating?  Is it time to have the dream home you deserve? Please reach out to us for your complimentary discovery call.  702-882-4518.  We can move forward through the process at your pace. No pressure.  No judgment.  Just you feeling groovy!


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