With Much Love and Gratitude ~ A Retrospective from Kerry F. Decor



    As we move into the season of gratitude and giving, we at Kerry F. Decor, wanted to reflect on all that we have to be grateful for.  From having wonderful clients, to being published in neighborhood newsletters,  to Staging and Styling all types of projects, it's fun to look back on our journey to where we are today!  While we're thankful for all our projects, large and small, there are some that we recall with a special fondness for different reasons.

    One of our biggest remodels was my kitchen.  It was a total gut down to the studs!  We had to dig a big hole in the middle of the cement floor to accomodate the electric and the plumbing because we went from a penisula to an island.  I have a series of You Tube videos on the entire process if you want to see what's really involved in a full kitchen remodel. 

    This whole house renovation was interesting as I did not meet the client until the project was completed!  They contracted me from Florida to revamp an entire Sun City home on the golf course.  We communicated via What's App. 

    While every surface was touched it was mostly a cosmetic remodel.  We did remove a pony wall in the entry and added a ceiling fan in the living room.  It was part of an entire electrical upgrade.  

    The client fell in love with Silver Mist, which is one of Sherwin Williams spot light colors for 2024.  It was too dark for the entire house so we did a feature wall in the main room and used the lighter color, S.W. Seasalt, for the rest of the walls.  Along with warm LVP, it turned out beautifully!  The clients were very happy and left me nice review.


















    Our Harbor Cove transformation was documented in several newsletters.  We gave you the whole SCOOP in our blog "Live, Laugh, Love with the Courtneys"!



























    We don't just Stage houses!  We Stage spaces!  This was a fun opportunity to Stage the stage for Dr. Kristy Love Brooks LOVE EXPERIENCE.  A former member of the Platters, with many degrees to her name, it was a privilege to Style the stage for her showcase.  She was honored at this event by Senator Catherine Cortez Masto for her philanthropic endeavors.


    We loved doing this Showroom at Las Vegas World Market Center for Summer Market.


    Staging houses never gets old either.  This was our first occupied Stage where we really lucked out.  We took a former model home and totally re-Styled it.  With the realtor's blessing we separated the sectional and procurred a new round coffee table and added some of our own touches.  We were fortunate enough to have it photographed by the brilliant photogapher @stephenmorganphoto .  

    We can also reprlicate this look at a Vacant Stage .

    Our basic Stages start at $3000 and this look shows how we work our magic.  This is IKEA & AMAZON made to look really good.  Again, it was beautifully photographed.  (I reget not getting the photogs name.)  The home was problematic for several reasons, the main one being it was freshly painted a different color in each room!  Our goal was to blend it into one cohesive look.  We achieved that by unifying each space with a touch of blue.  Buyers love blue.


    In addition to Staging and Styling, Designing and Remodeling we've also ventured into E-Design.  You can shop To-The-Trade on-line!  Please visit our SHOP for direct links and disclaimers.

    Again, speaking as Kerry F. from K.F.D., I couldn't be more grateful for all the different roads Interior Design and Staging have taken me down.  I owe a lot of gratitude to a lot of people. None of this would be possible without the support of my husband and the great crew that has helped me through many a transition.

    With Love and Gratitude from Kerry F. Decor!

    Staging to Sell?  Styling to Stay?  Contact me today! 702-882-4518



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