33 Year Old House Gets A Model Home Makeover, Transforming Style & Amenities

    Being a boutique Design agency, we tend to focus on 1 or 2 large projects per year, supplementing with smaller Staging, Styling and Design jobs.  Our big transformation last year was a complete renovation of a 33 year old house stuck in an 80s beige nightmare.  I like to describe our finished "Model Home" Makeover as a “little bit (French) Country and a little bit (Industrial & Contemporary) Rock 'n Roll!”


    My client, originally from France, has impeccable taste in furnishings and art.  Her aesthetic is more Old - World yet she was looking to get away from Tuscan and move into newer, modern/contemporary Design. She really embraced the bold concept of matte black for fixtures and finishes, while keeping to warm tones in flooring and furniture.  We pulled it all together with Sherwin Williams Sea Salt on her walls - a beautiful contrast to her tan LVP, cognac couches, and natural stone countertops.  Her first choice was S.W. Silver Mist however it was too dark for the dated house so we used it on a feature wall in the Living room instead.  And we found curtains at IKEA, no less, with the exact color in the pattern! 


    Because of the smaller footprint of the rooms, I tried to steer her towards blinds as curtains take up valuable square footage and there were many windows of varying heights.  She was pretty adamant about wanting extra long drapes so I suggested we do something inexpensive incase she wasn’t happy with that choice. Custom drapery can get very expensive and I didn’t feel it was in her original budget.  That was a wise choice.  As it turned out she hated the drapes we chose in the back room and wound up getting blinds.  She was however pleased with the Living room option containing the Silver Mist pattern and I surprised her with outdoor curtains for the beautiful patio overlooking the golf course.

     Because there were so many cabinets throughout the home that were still in good shape we opted to paint them a basic white and add hardware rather than replace.  All the appliances were upgraded as was the electric and we added a fixture in the Living room for more light. We also recycled 2 lovely art deco ceiling fans giving them a makeover in matte black, our key color for all the overhead fixtures.


    Mid way through the project a 16 foot' mirror wall (client opted to keep) came crashing down and we had to scramble to come up with a quick and easy solution.  We opted for a paneled wall in a complimentary LVP to the floor.  It was impossible to match the original floors we chose and I wanted something lighter since it was in a windowless room.  We installed it vertically because we had to incorporate a door way.  That presented some unique challenges when it came to trim…and we conquered them!


    The main part of the remodel was done virtually through WHATS APP because the client was moving from Florida.  Since they were bringing their own furniture I Staged a few vignettes to showcase some of our Design highlights.  She liked it so much she purchased it all –including the empty liquor bottles I had filled with water and coffee to look like alcohol.  Her husband was like “That’s not real booze?”  Nope!  He loved it anyway.  We blended in their wonderful collection of art and antiques with new pieces.  Since my client wanted her own purchasing power and liked to shop on line, she would email/textme several choices and I would explain which ones worked best.  She was very good about taking my advice and used the tips and strategies I taught her to complete her “new” house makeover.   Along with their parakeet Einstein and their super cute photo bomber, 1/2 Poodle & Havanese Jessica, my clients were very pleased with their “Model Home!”  It was a pleasure working with them.  

    Staging to Sell?  Styling to Stay?  Contact me today ~ KerryFDecor@gmail.com, 702-882-4518


    Special thanks to all the contractors and trades people that helped bring this project in on time and budget:  CTM Contractors, Mr. & Mrs. Painters HS, Reisha’s Kaleidoscope &  Solutions Electric who stepped up when Allegiant abandoned us. Also, Irish Kinsella at Floor 'n Decor, Victor at Half Price Flooring, & Laurie at Sherwin Williams - the best rep ever! 



    Jean says (Jan 4, 2022):

    Gorgeous work! I especially like the Sherwin Williams sea salt color - a muted vibrancy of energy. Love your adorable dog!

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