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  • 33 Year Old House Gets A Model Home Makeover, Transforming Style & Amenities

    Being a boutique Design agency, we tend to focus on 1 or 2 large projects per year, supplementing with smaller Staging, Styling and Design jobs. Our big transformation last year was a complete renovation of a 33 year old house stuck in an 80s beige nightmare. I like to describe our finished "Model Home" Makeover as a “little bit (French) Country and a little bit (Industrial & Contemporary) Rock 'n Roll!” My client, originally from France, has impeccable taste in …

  • WELCOME SPRING 2021 SERIES~ NEW STYLES and TRENDS!! What’s HOT and Why NOT!? Part I:  Colors Of the Year for 2021!

    Part I: Colors Of the Year for 2021! A NEW DECADE MEANS NEW STYLES and TRENDS!! What’s HOT and Why NOT!? So what are buyers looking for these days? Well you can say good-bye to gray, it's passé… unless you’re looking at Pantone's Ultimate Gray & Illuminating, 2 of the ugliest colors to ever make this prestigious category. Usually Pantone nails it with something fresh and inspirational. Since we’ve been on lockdown for almost a year, other brands have seized the moment by offering colors desc…

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