~ What is in store for 2024?! Las Vegas Winter Market at LVDC - Showroom Super Styling and Summary

    We hope you are enjoying a happy and healthy 2024 with much to look forward to.  Let this be a year of peace, prosperity, design and remodeling!

    As an Empath I sort of intuit trends rather than predict them.  As I get older I have also learned to be true to my own aesthetic.  Much like my wardrobe, I find I am sometimes right on trend without even trying!  This looks to be one of those years.  I have always leaned into retro styling and turquoisy blues.  I’m pleasantly surprised to see beautiful blues showing back up in Interior Design.  Especially on walls. We’ve been doing this for years!


    A recent look at the Tri Pointe Homes website shows Emmy nominated designer Bobby Berk embracing lots of blue.  He pairs it with natural tones and accents which continue to be a big part of the indoor/outdoor design ideal.  Luxury decor, particularly, continues to favor neutral tones much to my chagrin.  We’ve gone from grey to greige and now beige is back in a big way.  90’s flash back anyone?  As a complete beige person from head to toe, I kind of disappear in that environment.  And while beige can look extremely elegant – reference the new Durango casino in south Las Vegas, it's still a study in blah.  Color is King in my book! Even a small pop goes a long way.

    All that said I can appreciate a touch of nature in my designs like plants, rattan, and wood accents. These elements continue to dominate in decor.  I just can’t get down with too much brown.  Instead of blending in with our desert surroundings I like colors that compliment it.  Some of my favorites are sage greens, pastels, and soft blues.  Ironically coastal hues work well in the desert such as turquoise, orange and green only in more muted tones.  Think rust, frost and sea glass.

    Here are Better Homes and Gardens colors of the year for 2024. NOTICE A TREND??? 



    Like Summer Market, there wasn’t really much new to report on.  I even brought my girl friend along and she concurred that nothing really popped or stood out.  It looks like we’re trending back to bland land. Prior to 2016 and the big political divide, Interior Design was really fun and innovative.  I feel that since that time it has struck a ‘neutral Switzerland' posture.  Just when things looked like they might be getting more colorful again, we’ve gone back to ‘safe’ neutrals in an effort not to offend anyone.  Sad face.

    One highlight was lamb’s wool sofas and chairs, on display in many showrooms.  They were attractive and super comfy - and of course always in off-white. 

    Lighting seems to be the exception just like I suggested last summer.  It’s the one element of design right now I find with endless innovations.

    Here are some things that caught our eye featuring my favorite showrooms: Global Views, Uttermost, CLASSIC HOME, Revelation and Zuo to name just a few.  My personal design style is a mix of retro, especially vintage vegas, glam, contemporary, coastal and colorful -  Think “Old, New, Borrowed & Blue”! 



    For this year’s Winter Market we were invited back to Stage and Style the MEVA showroom A305.  We had designed it previously for last Summer's Market .  It was super exciting because the client brought in a lot of new product.  While their diverse brand covers many design styles, it was really fun to work with their new organic modern look that dominated.  I embraced it and tied it all together with natural foliage and white flowers.  Yes I fell into the neutral scene myself so as not to compete with all the other elements.  

    This was the perfect opportunity for us to exercise our Design and Staging skills.  We look forward to more projects like this. 



    Unfortunately this was the client's last Market at LVDC.  They feel Las Vegas and some of the other Markets are becoming more of an Gift and Accessories Trade show.  Curious on other Designer opinions?  So it was bittersweet.


    No matter what is popular at the moment, I always suggest doing what speaks to you and hiring a professional designer – Kerry F. Décor at your service – because great design never goes out of style!  It’s important to inject your own personality into your décor just as you would your wardrobe.  You might be totally on trend or not, however your space will always look amazing because it is a reflection of you!   Right now I’m happy to be ‘singing the blues’!! 

    All the best in 2024! 

    Kerry F. Décor.

    Staging and Styling, Designing and Decorating, Remodeling and Renovating Las Vegas!  We Design with YOU in mind.  Give us a call today ~ 702-882-4518.


    Bobby Berk brings his design genius to Arroyo’s Edge | Tri Pointe Homes                      https://www.tripointehomes.com/blog/arroyos-edge-featured-in-homes-gardens/#:~:text=The%20phenomenal%20creative%20partnership%20between,Arroyo's%20Edge%20in%20Summerlin%20West

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