BACK YARD BLISS for Added Resale Value!

    What is your idea of back yard bliss? Is it endless weekends by the pool like us? Or is it lazy afternoons swaying in your hammock? Perhaps you are the go to house for entertainment? Which ever it is we’re noticing big trends in outdoor Styling. Exterior design has become just as popular as interior design. Especially in Las Vegas. Adding a perfect patio can become an extension of your house. And not surprisingly, natural elements like wood, rattan and greenery, are showing up in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Highend model home builers like Blue Heron have seamlessly intigrated both spaces so they feel like one. See below!

    Las Vegas provides an optimal opportunity to enjoy the indoor/outdoor lifestyle. Wondering how to spend your income tax refund? Creating or updating a professionally designed outdoor space adds a lot of value not only to your home but to your lifestyle as well.

    Visit our a new Store for great finds on Out Door Furnishings! Order brand favorites like Safavieh directly from Amazon. I think you’ll love it!




    I am always here to assist you in creating a one of kind oasis in your back yard. Think you can’t afford a Designer? Guess again. We are still offering our Design and DIY Specials only now they’ve moved to our Services page!

    After all what price do you put on your happiness and peace of mind?!

    Staging to Sell?  Styling to Stay?  Contact me today!

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