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 Welcome to my world! 

Interior Design has always been a passion of mine.  Born and raised in British Columbia Canada, I’m now proud to be a dual citizen with the U.S and I love living in Las Vegas!!  My enthusiasm for design comes from my Mom who tore apart our track house when I was a kid and remodeled it.  She passed on her creativity and inspiration to me and I’ve been designing & decorating ever since!  

My personal call to action came when my husband & I bought a nasty, 1980s foreclosure property in one of the most beautiful communities in Las Vegas!  It took us 10 years to create our dream home.  A huge project it was also a labor of love (although my husband might have a different take.)  I learned a lot and have brought that experience to my business.  


My specialty as a professional designer is in remodeling 30 yearish old homes.  I’ve been there and done that.  A proud DIY gal, once I started studying with the NY Institute of Art and Design, I realized you don’t know what you don’t know until you know it!  I’ve learned a lot through trial and error too.  I like to share with my clients what works, passing along my knowledge, creativity and mostly my experience! 

A lot of my inspiration comes from HGTV.  I admire Alison Victoria, who does a great job of mixing high end style with current trends. I have met the gracious Property Brothers a couple times.  I really like Christina Hall and Egypt Sherrod and I'm always interested in what’s new.  I take what speaks to me and put my own unique spin on it.  And even though I reside in the desert, I have a huge affinity for water and beach elements, especially blues and turquoise.  I like a large mix of design styles and have to have some GLAM!  This is Las Vegas after all.

Part of my artistic side comes from my Spiritual perspective.  I am a natural Empath.  This allows me to visualize things that others just don’t see.  My imagination like my background knows no boundaries!  I have worked extensively in the Psychic Arts and Entertainment industries.  I am an accomplished Astrologer, having studied and served with the Astrological Society of Princeton.  I do high end parties and events around Las Vegas.  Being a little different from everyone else I usually do things a little differently than everyone else, letting my intuition guide my Design.  


As an Astrologer I appreciate that everyone is unique based on their Sun Sign.  A Leo is going to appreciate different decor than say a Virgo.  This can get tricky, especially with couples.  I am here to steer the ship and bring it all together!  I also offer Feng Shui cures for a better flow of ‘chi’ ~ what the Chinese call the Life Force!  Did you know you can arrange your furniture to spark your love life, energize your career and boost your finances?  This is more common than you might think.  We can also do the same for your Business or Office Space!!  I am a big believer that everything holds a certain amount of energy, especially houses and even furniture!  When you're buying anything pre-owned, it may be a good idea to Sage them first whether it’s a home or antique furniture.

Bottom line...our home is our sacred space.  It's where we come to relax and feel safe & secure.  I can help you STYLE a beautiful space that speaks to YOU!  And I can help STAGE your house when the time comes to move, including doing those necessary upgrades.  In both cases

I’ll make it look like a model home! 

Finding the right Stager or Designer is like finding the right Doctor, Hairdresser, Personal Trainer, etc.  It has to be a match made in good faith. Let's see if we can work together to increase the resale value of your most valuable asset.Are you Staging to Sell or Styling to Stay?  Call Me today ~ 702-882-4518   

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