At Kerry F. Décor we go above and beyond transforming Spaces.  We like to think we’re unique in a few ways that can really benefit our clients.

    First let me introduce myself as Kerry Fezza, founder and Director of Design at Kerry F. Décor.  I am an Interior Design graduate of the New York Institute of Art & Design (N.Y.I.A.D.) with an Award of Merit for Outstanding Excellence in Presentation.  I'm also a Certified Stager via the Home Staging Resource (H.S.R.). In addition I hold Certifications in Interior Design & Styling, Event Design and Feng Shui.


    My background is in the Psychic Arts and Entertainment industries.  I am an accomplished Astrologer and a natural Empath.  This allows me to visualize things that others just don’t see.  Being a little different from everyone else I usually do things a little differently than everyone else, letting my intuition guide my Design.  I feel I am able to discern trends ahead of time, keeping my decor relevant and beautiful for a long time.  



    I like to share my uniqueness with my clients so their interiors always look fresh, innovative and one-of-a-kind.   My goal as a Designer is to challenge my clients to go beyond their comfort zone while honoring their individual tastes.  Of course we incorporate the latest looks in our projects, however the focus is always on my clients personal preferences.  Good design will never go out of style if it speaks to you!  My wish for my clients is to wake up each day and go “I love this!”


    Staging is a little different.  You might say it is the opposite.  When preparing a home for resale the focus is on what buyers are looking for in the moment.  This is not where we want to express individual desires.  The design should appeal to as many people as possible, keeping it stylish, classy and timeless.  All that said it’s important to honor the home’s genre.  For example, if it is a Mid Century Modern house we’ll create a contemporary look that works with that style.  You can’t turn an apple into an orange.  You can make that apple shine!



    Our focus is on tackling those much needed upgrades to make them competitive on the MLS.  You only have ONE chance to create a first impression!  The National Association of Realtors says 95% of buyers start their home search on-line.  While virtual staging has its place, no-one wants to see outdated fixtures and furniture.  A little investment can go along way when working with a professional.  It’s so frustrating to see a home owner DIY their house and unintentionally make it less attractive.  This is probably the most valuable asset you will ever own so it’s important to position it for top dollar.

    We have the right connections for flooring, counter tops, paint etc.  And probably more experience with renovations than a realtor.  They can leverage their skills to market your home.  Let us work our magic in making it marketable!  Working with Kerry F. Decor should yield a good return on investment.   Not to mention saving your sanity and maybe even your marriage!


    We can transform your new house into your dream home! Whether it’s shopping for décor or re-imagining spaces, we’ll make it attractive and functional.  Our number one priority is to create designs that cater to our client’s lifestyle.  I believe in functional beauty.  Everything has to look good and should serve some sort of purpose.  Think attractive furniture with hidden storage.

    We also specialize in renovating homes.  Rooms like kitchens and primary bathrooms have changed a lot in the past 20 years.  Soaker tubs have given way to mammoth showers that can double as a car wash.  Even less extravagant designs have dialed back on bath tubs.  Large islands are replacing eat-in kitchens and formal dining rooms have gotten a lot less formal. We can recreate rooms to meet the modern demands of 21st Century consumers.



    Those that don’t have the energy or desire to move can also benefit from our services.  Imagine having a brand new house without having to move?!  Just like assisting buyers we have lots of experience renovating tired and out dated spaces. Yes there will be adjustments during the remodeling phase.  Our goal is to make it worth it.  This is where it is crucial to work with the right professionals.  As a boutique agency we stay connected to each project.  I personally work with each client to assess their lifestyle and financial goals along with their wish list. We pride ourselves on bringing our clients in on time and on budget.


    Commercial interior design and/or staging combines both aesthetics.  You want to appeal to the masses and at the same time have a look that honors your brand.  We craft stylish and tasteful plans, geared towards your specific business, project or operation.  From showrooms to shows we embrace it all!

    We also welcome opportunities to collaborate with BUILDERS and INVESTORS. Could you use our assistance for a faster turn-around?  We can help with everything from the Design concept to styling your property when it's time to put it on the market!  We’re happy to work with your inventory and even help you curate it.  Then we’ll polish it off with accessories and florals.

    Ready for a transformation and not sure where to begin?  That is where Kerry F. Décor comes in.  We pride ourselves in turning houses into model look homes!  Remember, improvements are not an expense but an investment.  Spending wisely on decoration and renovations will increase your home’s equity if you do it with expert support and direction.  We offer that professional guidance to make sure you get the most value for your dollar when designing your most valuable asset.

    We always start with a Consultation.  There we’ll discuss your needs verses wants and I can give you some great design ideas! 

    For more info please see our:

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    Kerryfdecor@gmail.com  702-882-4518

    Business License: G68-08235


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