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Welcome to my world!!

Interior Design has always been a passion of mine!  The call to action came 12 years ago when my husband & I bought a nasty, 1980s foreclosure  property. It was an afforable way for us to live in in Desert Shores, Las Vegas, and it took us 10 years to create our dream home.  (Something the Property Brothers could probably due in 10 weeks).  It was a huge project, yet a labor of love although my husband might have a different take ;)  Living by 5 lakes is a huge bonus for me!  Even though I reside in the desert, I have an affinity for water and beach elements, especially blues and turquoise.  I like a large mix of design styles so my personal aesthetic would probably be Boho Eclectic.  And I have to have some GLAM! 

A lot of my inspiration comes from HGTV.  I most admire Alison Victoria who does a great job of mixing highend style with current trends. l've met the Property Brothers a couple times and they were super sweet.  I think they, and Joanna Gaines have had the biggest influence on Design this past decade.  Modern Farmhouse has revolutionized the design industry and I have watched her style evolve beyond country. My favorite design of hers was the retro inspired home she did for her sister.  I love mid-century modern!  I also really like Christina Haack as I share her passion for the whole mind, body, soul wellness vibe ~ And she lives by the beach!  I'm always interested in what’s new and who’s doing what. Then I like to take that and put my own unique spin on it!

As an empath, I am a big believer that everything holds a certain amount of energy, especially houses and even furniture!  When you're buying a preowned home or antiques, it may be a good idea to smudge them first.  I can do a “cleansing” to reset your space or belongings using Sage.  This is especially beneficial if someone like an elder relative has transitioned in the home.  If that's too far out there for your taste & sensibilities, I can also offer you Feng Shui cures for a better flow of ‘chi’ ~ what the Chinese call the Life Force!  We can arrange your Space(s) to spark your love life, energize your career and boost your finances, just to name a few. This is more common than you might think.  We can also do the same for your Business or Office Space!!

Our home is our sacred space.  It's where we come to relax and should feel safe &  secure.  Like me, I am sure you want a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere for yourself and your guests.  I can help you STYLE a beautiful space that speaks to YOU!
And when the time comes to move on, you'll want that house to appeal to as many buyers as possible!  I can help you STAGE your house, to make it look like a model home.!  And we can probably work with things you already own.

Finding the right Stager or Designer is like finding the right Doctor, Hairdresser, Psychic, etc.  It has to be a match made in good faith!  Let's see if we can work together to increase the resale value of your home whether you're Staging to Sell or Styling to Stay!!  Contact me today: KerryFDecor@gmail.com.  


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