SUMMER MARKET AT LVDC = Falling Forward, Circling Back and Defining the Decade!

    Ahhh...football and flash floods...Fall is in the air.  And with that comes the anticipation of what to expect for the new Design season. One of the biggest forecasting tools for predicting decor trends are the Summer and Winter Market tradeshows, held twice a year at the Las Vegas Design Center (also known as World Market Center).  It’s those 3 really cool buildings you see heading north on the I-15, located across the street from the Cleveland Clinic and the Smith Center, adjacent to the North Outlets.  While the LVDC is open to the public Monday through Friday from 10-5, the 2 shows are only open to the trade.  It’s usually a really exciting time to see, touch, feel and experience all that’s new and exciting in the world of Design.  By most accounts this summer was a slow Market. 

    A lot of themes and colors schemes repeated from the last several shows with a few exceptions.  Classic Home which consumes most of the third floor of Building C had become really boring, drowning itself in wood monotones. Well boy did they change up their look!  I was in awe of their totally new and refreshing furniture (indoor & outdoor) and bedding.  In the words of their showroom manager it turned out AMAZING!  Uttermost, thankfully, started drifting back to its more dramatic and moody vibe at the front of their showroom in Building B.  Wall art everywhere was bold and beautiful, making it a statement on its own.  And I found all the Lighting very exciting with endless innovations!  There was no end to the styles or materials.

    Beyond that we’re seeing continuing trends that appear to be defining the decade more than the season.  Here are a few:

    • Art Deco, a throwback to the 1920’s
    • Curvy furniture, especially sofas
    • Lots of nature inspired design and textiles like plants, pottery, rattan and wood in all sorts of shapes and forms.  Rattan hanging lamps are super hot!  They were everywhere. #fiftywest
    • Medallion Rugs are making a comeback and gaining in popularity

    Black and White was the dominant color scheme at Summer Market.  If you want glam you pair it with metallics and crystals.  For an organic modern look you blend it with natural materials and finishes.  Your options are endless.   Black and white also goes great with colors we’ve seen at previous markets – only this time we’re seeing them in smaller doses.  

    • Mossy greens – in all kinds of accents and accessories #dovetail
    • Paprika – we’re seeing it on walls now – and in every shade from Terracotta to Blush  (not going away).
    • Soft blues - mostly in throw/show pillows and lighting/lamps #uttermost
    • White sofas – the perfect backdrop for whatever inspires you! #classichome #renecazares #revelation #zuo #globalviews  (Everywhere!)
    • Dark walls – in different finishes like tile…#LVDC #kitchen and #bath showroom
    • And it all pairs so well with Gold!  You’ll see a variety of metals with brass dominating the pack.

    Other than these observations it was a rather unremarkable Summer Market from my perspective.  I don’t, however, visit the gift and accessories showrooms and I didn’t get to see the expo either.  Feel free to comment if you visited the show and think I may have missed something.

    There was one notable exception.  This year we got to Stage and Style showroom A 305 for Summer Market.   It was a big project for us yet a huge labor of love.  I couldn’t have done it without my crew and the results were stunning (if I do say so myself).  The client had us design the showroom with furniture groupings they put together.  Then we were asked to pair them with the clients lighting, carpets and wall art and create a detailed floor plan.  The Staging and Styling were left to us, using our accessories and fresh florals.  You can view the results in our portfolio.


     Over all the Market tradeshows are always fun to attend and I am grateful they’re in my town.  Stay tuned for more design trends from Winter Market, scheduled for January/February 2024!

    Staging to Sell?  Styling to Stay?  Contact me today!  702-882-4518

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