Staging and Styling Dos and DON'TS To Create That WOW Factor!!

    As we head into Spring, many of us feel encouraged to upgrade our spaces.  Spring speaks of renewal and fresh starts -or at the very least do-overs.  Whether you’re Staging to Sell or Styling to Stay (even forever), it’s always a good time to clean up, clear out and circulate some good ‘Chi’! 

    You know the list: Paint, Repair, Declutter/Organize, Clean, blah, blah, blah…So how do you get the most WOW from your efforts? Allow me to share some Do’s & DON’TS.


    A coat of paint goes a looooonnnnngggg way.  It not only makes everything look new and fresh, it can also cover up flaws and imperfections, especially if you’re Staging to Sell! 

    DO – Hire a professional.  Consult with a Designer, such as myself, when you need guidance with color and placement choices.  I can recommend affordable, professional painters who will do the job well!  Having your home painted inside or out is far less intrusive than going under construction.  It can usually be done in a matter of days.

    DON’T –Hesitate to paint cabinets!  It’s an inexpensive upgrade that gives you a lot of ‘bang for your buck’.  And you won’t have to turn your life upside down like with a kitchen remodel.  I know some excellent cabinet painters who will remove your cabinet doors and label them.  Then they will be completed off premise- either at their facility, your backyard or the garage.  Add some new hardware for a brand new kitchen!

    DON’T – Paint every room a different color of the rainbow unless you’re Styling to Stay for a long, long time.  It’s the kiss of death for resale.

    DON’T – Paint it gray either.  (A soft, warm or blue gray can be an exception.  Consult an expert first.) While still a popular color, gray doesn’t work well on walls.  It makes the interior look cold and uninviting.  It also really limits your furniture options.  Better to choose a different wall color and go with gray furniture.  Exterior gray paint can look mauve in different lights and usually makes a home look like a prison.  Either way it screams Flip.  


    Why is it we wait until we move to fix, update and replace things?  We trip over broken floor tile, fiddle with jimmy-rigged locks and vow to shop for a new porch light while trying to break into our own house.  “I’ll get to it next weekend” all of sudden becomes next year and more things need to be done.  The list grows and your enthusiasm wanes. 

    DO -- Get your issues taken care of!  It might be easier and less hassle than you think.  In just one Consultation, I can have your to-do list organized and give you our VIP list of TRADES who specialize in your fixing your problems.  Don’t let the little things turn into big expensive projects!

    DON’T – Wait until you’re ready to put your home on the market.  THE TIME IS NOW!  Don’t you deserve a better place? 


    DO – Upgrade your fixtures and finishes!  Whether you’re Staging to Sell or Styling to Stay, updating lights, ceiling fans, faucets etc. can be a very INexpensive way to give your home a real WOW factor.  How much you spend is up to you.

    DO – Keep all fixtures consistent in some way.  They don’t have to be matchy, matchy however they should coordinate.  For example if you’re replacing some lighting and you already have brushed nickel, stick with that.  Keep related elements in the same family.


    The best way to start is to not let things get out of hand in the first place.  Too late?  Take a deep breath and say Ohhhmmmm…

    DO – Set a goal for yourself and go one room at a time.  Or hire a professional organizer like  Jennifer Toma - 702-762-8960!

    DON’T – Wait until you’re ready to list.  Start this project months or even a year in advance.

    DO --Donate, Donate, Donate!  While most places in LV won’t pick up since covid, https://helpvets.com/ allows you to schedule a pick up and they make regular neighborhood collections too.

    DO - Clear your kitchen counters of excess and unused appliances

    DO – Treat yourself to having the your home professionally cleaned, even if it’s a only a one time deal to help you get started on your Spring cleaning



    DO – Take the time to read the above!  I go to many open houses that are just sitting on the market - mostly because they are out dated.  If you don’t want to paint, repair, clean or upgrade anything - news flash - your buyers don’t want to either!  Even a savvy buyer who knows your home’s intrinsic value will inflate the cost of any upgrades and then deduct it from your sales price.  House flippers can see the potential and will low ball you too.    

    DO – Contact us before you list your home.  At Kerry F. Décor we specialize in updating houses, affordably, then Staging them to look like MODEL HOMES.  And that is exactly what buyers are looking for.  Staging is always less expensive than falling into a spiral of price reductions!!



    DO – Think like you’re getting ready to sell your home, even if you plan on living there for a long time.  Step back and look at it objectively.  Why wait to have the home you deserve?  With a professional by your side it is a lot easier to transform your space and probably less costly than you imagine. 


    DO -- schedule a Consultation with yours truly!  We can accomplish a lot in 2 hours focusing on your immediate needs.  If you wish to move forward with Design or Staging services, we can make that happen at a later date.  Please visit our Services page.  https://www.kerryfdecor.com/services.  Sometimes a Consultation is all you need.  


    Kerry is passionate and creative person who is never constrained by boundaries. She is a home remodeling professional that I continually seek out for new ideas.

    Staging to Sell?  Styling to Stay?  Contact me today!

    Credits:  Home Staging Resource


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